Cat Locator Videos

If your cat is missing, watch the following short video in order to categorize the type of missing cat case that you have. Then, click the appropriate link to find out exactly what to do according to the cat naturalist. iPhone click here.


mqdefaultCat Transported in a Mattress
Here’s a textbook transported cat. Camo the cat was found on Day 10 and down 2 pounds in weight. He was hidden underneath of something like a house, for sure. Searchers had a little luck going for them, there. They didn’t really have a good handle on the matter. Of course with a Cat Flasher Robot Locator they would have found Camo before he came out of hiding and that’s what you want to do. Anyone can control the situation that way. They probably didn’t know that Camo would be hiding and not responding to his guardian’s calls.
mqdefaultHow Big are You, Coyote?
Here is a video showing everyone just how incredibly small coyotes are. They are nothing to fear. Basically, always be careful with really small dogs. And, don’t tempt fate by walking really small dogs in coyote natural habitats.
frontpagethumbRedemption the Movie
I saw Winograd’s “Redemption: The No Kill Revolution” last Saturday at the San Pedro International Film Festival. It’s an important movie for everyone to see. Nathan Winograd graciously answered audience questions, afterwards, and a dedicated person like this is very rare to find!
responsethumbNew GPS Approach and my Censored Response
In the OCWeekly Sep. 30 edition, I left a comment, that was not approved to be seen by the dear readers, in response to Matt Coker’s article. So, in case one is interested in my take on this envisioned device, one can see it here.
joshuatreeJoshua Tree International Film Festival
I went to the Joshua Tree International Film Festival as the Guest-of-Honor. “If Only CATS Could Talk” is the very first movie ever screened by them. Here’s my video postcard that was put together by the amazingly talented CAT’s team.>