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The focus of my research is, presently, on lost OUTDOOR cats. The below three cats, Baby, Sebastian, and Missy, are the lost outdoor cats that I'm focusing upon for the last year. (If you've seen any of these guys, please speak up.) Something unprecedented has taken place and I'm getting a video ready to explain it.

Incidentally, I'm available to round up lost indoor cats or to give advice on them, also. Finding INDOOR cats has been reduced to a science. Finding an outdoor cat is, of course, a much more complicated undertaking. But, slow and painful progress is being made.


"Baby," Huntington Beach, California


"Sebastian," Costa Mesa, California


"Missy," North Tustin, California




The video above is the most advanced video ever created documenting the track down of a missing indoor cat. Frankie the Cat was missing for 45 days. It is my reply to Veje's award winning movie, "If Only Cats Could Talk" with showings in NYC and Ohio and soon near you!

"If Only Cats Could Talk" captures Daphne and yours truly, as well as all the drama, as we get a runaway cat back home. My video reply to this amazing movie, above, does contain **spoilers** but you'll still want to see filmmaker Signe Veje's touching and emotional movie which followed this case from the very beginning to its nail-biting end.

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