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  • Tattoo identification would have saved this cat’s life. In this terribly written article, we can read between the lines what has gotten this cat killed by a shelter. This missing cat named Kitty somehow came to be under the care of a veterinarian. This Vet. did check and found a chip. The Vet. Turned Kitty over to the shelter for whatever reason and also notified Kitty’s parents.

    Anyway, shelters never check for chips even though they all claim that they do. It’s a dirty secret. If they did find a chip they would have to expend resources . . .

  • Very interesting invention. “Lion Lights” fool the lions into thinking that some human is walking around near the cows. This protects the cows from lion attacks. It works!!

    This is an example of discovering cat psychology as it relates to an ecosystem. It’s a major discovery that cats are afraid of moving lights. This will apply to your domestic cat, too. This general approach to understanding predator psychology is the way to prevent lion attacks on livestock, everywhere that there are lions.

    Using predator psychology . . .

  • Research taking place in Southern California: A lot of this coyote research will be focused on domestic cats.

    “[Danielle] Martinez is one such student. This summer, between her first and second years of grad school, she plans to dissect and sort more than 200 coyote stomachs. Her research specifically examines how often coyotes prey on domestic cats.”

    And, so far, no cats in the stomachs of the coyotes.

    “But she’s also been surprised. She’s seen bits of raccoon and Styrofoam. And, in one stomach, . . .

  • The amazing possum. The list is endless why these guys are so wonderful. One thing that I can add is that lost cats trail possums to find food. They also look for possum poop for an indication that food is around. Possums have helped save many lost cat's lives. Never do harm to a possum, one of Earth's most peaceable creatures.

  • Proper indentification [ID] for a cat. Here's an article that represents the prevailing wisdom about how a cat should be ID'ed. They say best is a collar w/tag. Then, they say to have a microchip (of, course). No mention of tattoo ID's.

    Decades ago, in America, tattoo ID's on our dogs and cats were common. But, then came the marketing and ease of application of microchips and tattoos were forgotten, in America. In Canada, however, tattoos are still the norm and they find a lot of lost cats, up there. I . . .

  • I've known many cats who will attack dogs. I had a cat that I know attack a coyote right in front of me, once. It pays to remember that cats are actually super-super-predators. A rat is a super-predator and they can be almost as big as a cat. But, that's a cat's prey!