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  • This article about a long lost cat and microchips is based on prevailing wisdom instead of cat facts as they are known in the 21st Century. BooBoo the cat was an outside (ecosystem) cat who liked to climb into the open windows of cars. So, one day, BooBoo vanished. Four years later she was found 3000 miles away by microchip.

    What would have been a better outcome? Found almost instantly by identification tattoo, that's what.

  • This is a 20-year-old cat lost while traveling in Florida. Apparently, Lily is blind and death, also. And, interestingly, Lily's dad is in the habit of going for walks with her. There are so many confounding factors in this case that I can't even tell you, for sure, what kind of case this is.

    Well, Lily's dad returned home to California without her as he could not find her. She was found less than two months later and reunited with her dad about three months later.

    She was found in the same spot that she was last seen.

    . . .

  • $20,000 REWARD? If only she would have known to contact me.

    I never heard about this until long after Bentley was found.

    FOUND: 18MAR2017 (Day 20, no details, so far). What a situation? This search involved “bloodhounds,” infrared devices on the ground, and infrared devices from a helicopter! As well as a neighborhood going crazy, of course! No expense was spared to get this cat back. And, have a look, they were doing all the wrong things. All that money and nothing but terrible information. Let's do some . . .

  • Chronic Renal Disease is often the cause of death in a cat. This article discusses Chronic Renal Disease. In Southern California, the suburban coyotes (not to be confused with coyotes that live on natural habitats), do have an ability to smell when a cat is going through this disease. This is when an adult cat can become prey for a lone, suburban coyote. Cats with this disease enter a dead, DEAD, sleep where they almost have to be . . .

  • Felix the Cat, Lost at JFK Here is an airport case at JFK Airport in Queens, New York. On April 1, 2015, a cat by the name of Felix, who arrived from Abu Dhabi, was loosed from his carrier when it was somehow partially crushed in the baggage area. Back in 2011, there was a cat lost at this same airport and his name was Jack the Cat (more on him later). His tragic ending spawned an organization called Where is Jack[?] . . .

  • Activist Damian Aspinall’s Lethal Experimental Disaster This really does amount to what is an unethical experiment. I’m not sure why people who should know better can get so carried away. This is the sort of thing that happens to indoor-only cats all the time. When something happens to cause an indoor-only cat to be outside, and if they do enter the ecosystem, they simply don’t know how to survive. And, they don’t survive as they starve to death after about two months.