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  • Lost Cat

    Is you cat missing, right now?

    Check out the cat locator videos:

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    Indoor Only (FREE)
    Ecosystem ($8)
    Traveling ($6)
    Spooker ($7)
    Medical ($5)
    Kitten ($5)
  • Prevention is Key

    Tattoos are far superior to microchips, for cats: tattoo

    For indoor-only cats, the Cat Flasher Robot Locator is far superior to any GPS device: cat flasher

    And, if you're traveling with your cat, get your cat an LED for her or his collar:

  • Media / Science / Entertainment

    Are you with the media? Or, are you conducting scientific research? Or, are you affiliated with the entertainment industry? I'm always available to give free demonstrations of my techniques for locating cats. Check the most appropriate box, below:

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